Age Discrepancies within Arrow

Arrows on Literature Singles page contains mix of age-levels

You may notice that the newest Arrow titles (from 2020 and beyond) available on the Literature Singles page are listed with an age level of 11-12 years, while some of the older titles have an age recommendation of 3rd-6th grade or 8-11 years. This is due to the fact that we reorganized our product line-up for the 2020-21 school year. 

What were previously our Quiver of Arrows titles, which targeted this younger age group, are now in the process of being updated and rewritten into our new format. As they become candidates for this redesign, they are pulled from the store, and when they are rewritten, they become Darts. In the meantime, however, they remain available for purchase in their older formats as Arrows. Keep in mind that these older (less expensive) titles do not contain all the features our newest titles do. Be sure to read the explanation of each to know what is included in that issue before you buy.

The maturity level of these books is slightly younger than our current Arrow selections—3rd-6th grade or 8-11 years. You will find more mature themes in the newest Arrow selections. Keep in mind as well that these older products do not contain all the features that our newest publications do. Be sure to read the explanations for each so you know what is included.