Best Tools for Teaching Children under Six

Young children learn best through shared experiences


The best curriculum for a six-year-old is face paints and dress-up clothes. ~Julie Bogart

Here are some other ideas: (Hint—follow the links for the full blog posts!)

Read aloud.

Enjoy art together

Go to the zoo—every week! Library visits—every week! 

Poetry teatimes.

Count cracks in the sidewalk, blue houses, red cars, all the jellybeans he can hold in his two hands at once, cups of sugar to bake muffins.

Play with Playdoh—make all the lowercase letters of the alphabet. Now make all the uppercase. Say the sounds as you do and try to make every sound seem like an animal is saying it. 

Buy Lego sets.

Nature walks!

Bird watching!

Jot down the incredibly cute things he says to you and read them back to him later in the day.

Play with pencils and pens and crayons and whiteboards and paints. 

And most importantly, add brownies.

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If you want some support on how to make this journey, try our Jot It Down product. It will be the one thing that may save you from over-schooling at this tender age.

Let go. Relax. Trust. Be curious about the world in front of your child.