Bundle for Late Elementary

Complete language arts program for late elementary or middle learners

The Emerging Writers Bundle consists of three components, each of which addresses a different aspect of language arts:

  • Growing Brave Writers - the centerpiece of the Brave Writer program, designed to teach you how to implement healthy writing practices with your kids. Use with kids after the age of 8.
  • The Dart yearlong subscription - our Mechanics and Literature program for the elementary ages. Ten issues per school year use passages from high-quality, age-appropriate read-alouds to teach children the mechanics of writing: grammar, punctuation, spelling, and literary elements. The Dart titles are chosen with 8-10-year-olds in mind.
  • Partnership Writing - This is a writing projects program that will walk you through the process of "partnering" with your children, supporting them with transcription when necessary to help them get their thoughts and ideas onto paper while giving them the freedom to do their own writing as they are able and willing.

This bundled purchase represents a cost savings over purchasing these products individually and would qualify you for membership in the Brave Learner Home. It's a wonderful value!

Remember that our age recommendations are only very loose guidelines to use in choosing which product or bundle is best for your child. Your child's natural stage of growth in writing is the best indicator. Learn more about those stages here: Natural Stages of Growth in Writing.

This is our most flexible bundle, easily adaptable for more and less advanced writers. Copywork passages can be expanded or shortened to accommodate each child's ability. And, the writing projects are easily elevated or simplified, depending on each child's ability. An older child will work more independently and bring added maturity to the projects; a younger child will enjoy these projects with more (even complete!) transcription support from the parent.

Purchase the Growing Writers Bundle here: Emerging Writers Bundle