Classes for Upper Elementary Kids

Brave Writer 101 and 102, plus many more!

The best place to begin with Brave Writer online classes is Brave Writer 101: Guided Writing Process and Brave Writer 102: Stress-free Revision. These are classes in which you, the parent, are the "student," the primary participant, as you work together with your children. You will learn how to become your children's best coach and strongest ally in their writing—how to respond to their writing in ways that overcomes resistance and fosters the creative process. 

Other classes of interest for this age group:

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Our Write for Fun classes encourage creative wordplay.

We have several Fiction classes that allow kids to explore storytelling.

Book Club: Arrow provides students the opportunity to interact with each other and the instructor in an informal, conversational style of writing as they exchange ideas about that month's Arrow book selection. Similarly, the Movie Discussion Club provides movie lovers the opportunity to interact informally as they discuss movies. These are low-risk entry points to the online class experience—fun, and especially well-suited for reluctant writers. 

Our Middle School Writing classes provide a gentle introduction to more formal writing, suitable for more advanced elementary students.


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