Do I need a supplemental spelling program?

Copywork and dictation serve to teach spelling inductively

In our experience, copywork and dictation are very effective tools for teaching spelling. We encourage parents to take note of particular words a child may be misspelling regularly, and target those words in their French dictation for that week. 

French dictation allows you, the parent, to choose which words of a passage will be written. You type the entire passage, then omit some of the words, replacing them with blank lines. Print the whole thing. As you read the passage aloud, the children read along with you until they get to a blank space. When they hear the word that goes there, they will write it. This is a wonderful, gradual practice for kids who are just struggling to write and spell. Initially, isolate words they know well so they have success. Then gradually include a word or two they do not know well. Prepare them before the dictation by orally spelling these words together.
Nevertheless, some families do choose to supplement these practices with an additional spelling program.


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