Teach Multiple Children Together

Brave Writer programs adaptable to a range of ages

Brave Writer is meant to be used across age spans. We recommend that you "aim for the middle" when teaching children of multiple ages so that you're not trying to navigate multiple products simultaneously. Our products are highly adaptable to many ages and stages of writing development.
Writing prompts can span ages easily because each child brings their own writing skill to the table. For instance, a 5-year-old may orally narrate the Red Riding Hood story, an 8-year-old may draw a picture with a caption, a 10-year-old may write her own version of the story complete with dialogue, and a 16-year-old may write the story from the wolf's point of view. Even Ph.D.s have written dissertations on the fairytale, so the notion of writing about fairytales is not "grade-specific."
Similarly, copywork and dictation passages from our Mechanics & Literature guides are easily expanded or shortened to accommodate each child's ability. 

The key is, as much as possible, to partner with each child at his or her own level using one product for the whole family—rather than purchasing a separate product to accommodate each level within the family. 

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