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Free Resources

A Brave Writer Lifestyle does not have to cost a lot of money!

Brave Writer, on the Cheap!

Here are a few places to begin:
1. The 7-Day Writing Blitz. This brand-new writing guide will give you seven days of activities to approach writing in a way that takes the drudge and "school" out of the writing process.
2. The Brave Writer Sampler. Here you'll find samples of all our writing products. 
3. Our Blog. A Brave Writer's Life in Brief - Thoughts from Julie's Jungle to Yours.
4. Poetry Teatime. Poetry Teatime is a favorite with our families!
5. Brave Writer Lifestyle Tips. The section on the Brave Writer Lifestyle gives you ideas for how to incorporate our approach through freewriting, copywork, dictation, movie discussion, and more.
6. Julie's YouTube channel. Find hours of instruction and advice about how to approach homeschooling in a way that focuses on family relationships. 
7. The Brave Learner (our low-cost option). Julie's book and companion guide will help you structure a homeschool that works!
8. Literature Singles (another low-cost option). Our Dart, Arrow, Boomerang, and Slingshot singles are a great way to do Brave Writer for less that $15.00 per month. You can use the product with multiple children, too, making it even more cost-effective. For the price of 3 cups of Starbucks, you’ve got 40+ pages of language arts instruction for multiple children.