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How much grammar instruction does your child need?

Grammar Intuition

For a native speaker, grammar is largely intuitive. Nevertheless, we recognize the need to include grammar instruction as a part of a complete curriculum. The Arrow program uses an inductive approach to teach grammar, cycling around to various grammar constructs regularly. Over time, the Dart, Arrow, and Boomerang (particularly our newer publications, 2020 and beyond) equip the student with a meaningful examination of English grammar that he is able to internalize and connect to his own writing.

Sequential Programs

For those who prefer a more linear, sequential approach to grammar instruction, we recommend using a program to teach kids grammar three times in your child’s education:

    • one year in elementary school to teach parts of speech,
    • one year in junior high using a program like Winston Grammar or Daily Grams (or whatever you like—they are all equally ineffective), and
    • two years in high school (through study of a foreign living language like French, or a so-called dead one like Greek or Latin). Whatever didn’t stick when you taught grammar conscientiously will be covered much more effectively when your kids learn a foreign language. They will backdate all that information to their understanding of English.

Online Class Option

Our online class, the Groovy Grammar Workshop, also provides a powerful supplement, empowering parents to implement a natural approach to teaching grammar and stands the whole concept of grammar on its head. Rather than studying terminology and dissecting sentences, students are encouraged to play with language, to explore how words bump up against each other and generate meaning.

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