How do I register for a class?

Find all the details about how to choose and register for an online class here.

Registration for Summer 2022 opens at noon ET on June 6. Registration for Fall 2022 opens at noon ET on July 25.

Here's a short video to help you get ready for summer registration!


To register:

  1. Read class descriptions and choose classes of interest.
  2. Go to the Course Registration page.
  3. Select a class and the number of students registering for that class. Click “Add another class” to register for a second class or “Continue to next step” to proceed.
  4. Enter your most frequently used email address. Use the same email address for all subsequent registrations.
  5. Do not enter a child's name and email address to register for a class. You will add your children’s details to their classes via special email link after registration is complete.
  6. Tuition is due at the time of registration. Pay using a credit card.
  7. Charter School Payments: If paying with charter school funds, select “charter school” and include the name of the charter school in “comments.”
  8. Print your registration page for your records (and/or for your charter school, if needed).