Mechanics and Literature: Quill

Foundations in reading, writing, and math literacies

The Quill is the newest addition to the Brave Writer Mechanics and Literature line-up, created with our youngest learners in mind, 5-7-year-olds. The Quill is designed to provide a foundation in literacies that your child will need for his entire life. One of the biggest hurdles for early learners is the jump from the concrete to the abstract. In traditional school settings and workbook materials, young children are too often pushed to the abstract (numerals, alphabet, punctuation) before they’ve had a strong sense of what a number is or why a letter exists or what the experience of speaking is that punctuation is trying to capture in print.
With that in mind, we’ve taken the research into early learning and have applied it to the early levels of learning to read, write, and think mathematically. The wide variety of activities included in each issue of the Quill will make for a rich year of growth for your child.
Unlike our other Mechanics and Literature programs, each issue of the Quill is based on a theme, rather than on a particular read-aloud novel. Parents are free to use any books they may already own or may find at the local library that relate to that month's theme. Each issue will also include a list of "Staff Favorites," to help you get started. 
The Quill themes are geared toward 5-7-year-olds. Each year, Brave Writer selects ten new Quill themes to be a part of the current year's subscription. These are released on the 15th of each month between July and April of that school year—ten issues in all. August's issue is released on July 15, September's issue on August 15, and so on. These issues become available on our Literature Singles page on the first of each month beginning in August. 
You may want to introduce a handwriting book, a phonics program and a math book once your child shows readiness. You’ll have a much stronger sense of when that is having used the Quill. 
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