Mechanics and Literature: Slingshot

Writing mechanics and literary analysis learned through living literature

At Brave Writer, we teach the mechanics of writing—grammar, punctuation, spelling, literary devices—through living literature. Copywork and dictation exercises taken from passages of high-quality, age-appropriate read-alouds form the backbone of our Mechanics & Literature program.

Our Slingshot book selections are aimed at 15-18-year-olds—later high school. The Slingshot consists of five meaty titles, each designed to take two months to complete. These Slingshots can be done in any order and are all available for immediate download. The titles are also available for purchase on the Literature Singles.

At this level, many students do prefer to read the books on their own. That's fine! We only recommend that the parent read the book along with their student in order to be able to engage in meaningful discussions.

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