Mechanics and Literature: the Dart

Mechanics learned through living literature

Once children are reading fluently and forming their letters comfortably, usually around age 8, they are ready to begin to learn the mechanics of writing through copywork and dictation exercises. The Dart teaches these mechanics—grammar, punctuation, spelling, and literary devices—through passages taken from high-quality read-alouds. The whole family will enjoy the read-alouds, the Book Club Party Ideas, and Big Juicy Conversations found in these issues.

The Dart selections are geared toward 8-10-year-olds. Each year, Brave Writer selects ten new Dart titles to be a part of the current year's subscription. These are released on the 15th of each month between July and April of that school year—ten issues in all. August's issue is released on July 15, September's issue on August 15, and so on. These issues become available on our Literature Singles page on the first of each month beginning in August. Dart titles from previous years remain available on the Literature Singles page as well.

If your child is not yet reading fluently or forming their letters comfortably, we recommend holding off on the Dart work. Instead, take a look at the Quill. You may also be interested in the Best Curriculum for Young Children and Young Children: Copywork and Handwriting.

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