Mechanics of Writing and Self-Expression Taught Separately during Elementary Years

Transcription and original thought are separate writing skills.

Brave Writer recognizes two distinct categories of writing skills and teaches them separately:
  • Mechanics - Kids can give full attention to the demands of the physical act of writing when they begin by copying an existing piece of writing. Brave Writer teaches the mechanics through copywork passages taken from great literature in the Dart.
  • Original Thought - Parents support children as they get their thoughts onto paper. We teach parents the best ways to implement healthy writing practices with their kids through Growing Brave Writers.
  • Writing Projects - Writing projects bring these two elements of the writing process together. Our writing projects program for the late elementary years is Partnership Writing.
 All three of these products are available as a bundled purchase: Emerging Writers Bundle.
Learn more about the philosophy behind teaching mechanics and original expression here: The Writing Triangle.