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Online classes are filling up—but my charter funds aren't available yet! Can I register?

Short answer: Yes!

If you plan to use charter school funds to pay for an online class, simply register as you normally would, but choose “Charter School Purchase Order” as your form of payment. This will allow you to bypass the credit card entry that would otherwise be required.
After you have submitted the registration, you'll receive instructions about making the request to your charter school to forward the purchase order.

Charter payment due two weeks before class starts

Please note that in order to secure this session of the class for your child, we must receive the purchase order no later than two weeks before the start date of a class. If we haven't received the purchase order from your charter school by then, we'll ask you to pay via credit card to hold your spot until the purchase order arrives from your charter school. Then we will refund your credit card when we do receive the purchase order.