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Natural Stages of Writing Growth

Products align with a stage of writing growth

Brave Writer products are aligned with a child's Natural Stage of Writing Growth (typical developmental milestones) in growing writers. 

We recognize five Natural Stages of Writing Growth:

Jot It Down (Beginning Writers)
Before kids can write their thoughts and ideas, someone else needs to do it for them. An adult partner is essential. Listen to the Jot It Down Podcast to learn more.

Partnership Writing (Growing Writers)
Children are growing in independence, but tire easily. They need the modeling, help, and support of a partner (that's you!). Listen to the Partnership Writing Podcast to learn more.

Building Confidence (Middle School Writers)
One day the writer gets a detailed story to paper. The next week, she complains that she hates writing. These writers are learning to write first drafts, while leaning on adult support for research, revision, editing, and more. Listen to the Building Confidence Podcast (previously named Faltering Ownership) to learn more!

Transition to Ownership (High School Writers)
The high school writer learns to read diverse perspectives and write essays. Our product that aligns with this stage of writing development is Help for High School. Listen to the Transition to Ownership Podcast Part One and Part Two to learn more!

Eavesdropping on the Great Conversation (College Prep Writers)
This stage of writing growth invites students to think analytically, and to write research papers based on academic research methods. Listen to the Eavesdropping on the Great Conversation Podcast to learn more!

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