Original Thought: Jot It Down!

Your child is already a writer!

Even before they can read, children are writers!

Jot it Down! is unique in the world of language arts education in that it allows you, the parent, to capture all your child's quirky ideas and amazing flights of fancy.  Jot It Down! gives the child the freedom to express original ideas aloud while the parent writes them down. In this way, children begin to understand that their ideas have value. We recommend this product for children who are not yet reading fluently or writing comfortably, but the projects can also be adapted for older kids quite easily. Jot It Down! is ideal for children who are not yet reading fluently or writing comfortably quite yet.

If your child is at the "Jot It Down" stage of writing growth but over the age of 10, the writing projects in Partnership Writing will be a better match for your child's maturity level. With additional (even full!) transcription support from parents, these projects are easily adapted to the Jot It Down stage of writing growth.

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