Original Thought: Building Confidence (previously Faltering Ownership)

The start and stop stage of writing development

At the Building Confidence stage of writing development, kids are beginning to take ownership of their own writing, but still benefit from close parental partnership. Moments of writing brilliance alternate with frustrated labor. Pride in successful writing experiences alternate with struggle. This is often seen in eleven- and twelve-year-olds but don’t be governed by age range. Focus instead on the description and match it to your child.

Children in need of a good deal of transcription support may benefit from Partnership Writing instead.

Your child is in the Building Confidence stage of writing development if he or she:

  • tires quickly, but can get some writing to the page without help from the parent.
  • takes pride in his work and wants to improve it or share it.
  • doesn’t retain correct spellings even after “learning” them.
  • needs support, shows some independence, but also resists input from parent-editor.

We recommend that students complete Growing Writers Bundle before beginning Building Confidence.

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