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Resistant Writers

Being asked to do too much too soon leads to resistance

What YOU Can Do

What do you do with children who dig in their heels and resist writing of any kind?
  1. Stop asking for any kind of writing
  2. Talk with them about their resistance
  3. Ask for their input
  4. Get creative with writing opportunities that feel less like school

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Helpful Brave Writer Products

Rather than asking the child to write, capture their original thoughts for them in writing. Spontaneously write down their ideas and stories as they relate them to you—and then show off their "writing" to other family members or friends. They will enjoy the satisfaction of authorship without having to lift a pencil. Our writing projects programs can help you with this process:

Jot It Down! for children under 10 who would benefit from full transcription support

Partnership Writing for 9-10-year-olds or any child who would benefit from strong parental "partnership" in the transcription process. Our most adaptable program!

Online Class Options

For children 9 and up, you may also like to consider one of our online discussion clubs. The writing in these classes is conversational and informal. Kids won't even realize they're writing!