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How do I drop a class? Can I get my money back?

Procedure for dropping a class and the refund policy

Email us!

Sometimes life gets in the way of our best-laid plans. If you end up having to drop a class that you have registered for, just shoot us an email at help@bravewriter.com. We will process your dropped class and issue your refund according to our refund policy.  

Here's a reminder of our cancellation policy:

If for some reason, you must withdraw from class between the time you enroll and class begins, your refund will be as follows:
  • Up to two weeks before class begins: 100% minus a service charge of $25.00 per class.
  • The week before class begins: 75% of tuition minus the $25.00 service charge.
  • After class begins: no refunds and no transfers for any reason.
We are sorry you can't make this session, but we do hope to see you in an upcoming Brave Writer class!