What about Grades?

Brave Writer does offer grades for most high school classes.

Let's start by saying that at Brave Writer, we believe that grades inhibit students' writing growth and dampen their willingness to take risks with self-expression.

Nevertheless, we understand a parent's need to create a transcript. For that reason, we do offer grades for our high school level online classes (for classes containing only high schoolers) if a student requests one. This request must be made before the class ends. Keep in mind, however, that our program is not accredited, so these grades and transcripts are unofficial. 

Our grades are based on the opinion of the instructor who takes into account the student’s performance, completion of assignments, and participation in class. Parents are free to alter the grades if they wish. 

If all the assignments are not completed in the timeframe of the class, the transcript will be sent in a Word document with the list of assignments left to be completed. The students are then free to complete the assignments on their own for the parent to evaluate. The parent can then assign a final grade for the class.

Grades are not provided for individual assignments.