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Where do I begin with my Dart, Arrow, Boomerang, or Slingshot subscription?

Best practices for making your Mechanics & Literature products work for you!

You've purchased a yearlong subscription to the Dart, Arrow, Boomerang, or Slingshot. Now what?

The first thing you should do is download and read the Guidelines associated with your subscription. You will find these at the very top of the page of your subscription in your Brave Writer account, just below the video. (And watch the video!)

Pro tips

  • Begin by acquiring the book and reading it aloud to your children. If you have teens who prefer to read the book themselves, that's fine too! We only recommend that you read the book as well in order to facilitate meaningful discussions as you work through your Boomerang or Slingshot.
  • We don't give reading guidelines for our Mechanics & Literature products because we honor the fact that each family needs to set the routine that works best for them. Some like to do the entire book as a read-aloud and then start with the guide. Others will read a little, and then start Week 1 as they continue to read. We suggest that you read past where the passage for that week is located to prevent spoilers. 
  • When children show signs of frustration or writing fatigue as they work on their copywork, you will want to let them finish up another time. As a general rule, aside from time spent reading aloud, 15-20 minutes of language arts work a day is plenty for most!